Leslie McGuirk

Astrologer  |  Writer  |  Creativity Expert

Pioneering an intersection between medicine and astrology,

revealing the fastest pathway for mental and spiritual growth


Recognized by
Medical Doctors and Universities across the country

Featured on
Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory


Frequent presenter at
Five Star Resorts


Emotional Lightening

- Tony W

"Whether on the big stage or in a one to one session, Leslie knows how to unlock and share secrets of the Universe. What you do is not done by anyone else on the planet"

Tammi Leader Fuller

CEO Campowerment and Emmy award winning producer of The TODAY show

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One on One

Each session is geared toward giving insight as to who you are, and providing support on living your life in the best way possible. If given the correct birth time, date and place, Leslie’s accuracy is close to 95%.

Corporate or
Big Stage Teaching

Find out why astrology can be far more accurate than Myers Briggs, and a lot more fun. David Adler, CEO of BizBash calls Leslie “The Queen of Icebreakers” and “A Collaboration Athlete”, as she brings the esoteric science of astrology into the realm of understanding how humans are designed. Book her for your next corporate event, and bring a fresh approach to understanding human relations.


The Power of Mercury

In The Power of Mercury, Leslie McGuirk casts new light on Mercury retrograde, treating it as an opportunity to slow down in a tech-crazed world. Leslie dispels the mysteries of Mercury retrograde by teaching us how to identify our personal Mercury signs and those of the people with whom we interact every day, from bosses to romantic partners.

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“Profoundly Inspiring”

-Dr. Traci Stein, PhD
Psychologist  |  Award-Winning author
Core Faculty, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University

“A Master of her Craft”

-Cristian E.
Client and Academy Attendee

It’s not fortune-telling. Like Leslie says, "I can tell you what kind of car you are, but you are on the one who drives it!"

-Krista P
Business Owner

“her insights can really change people’s visions of themselves, it’s truly moving.”

-Academy Attendee



as practiced by Leslie McGuirk,
is unequivocally the
 'Language of Compassion'.”

-Celeste B.
Business Development Executive

“My chart, as read by
Leslie five years ago, altered the trajectory of my life. In less than two hours, she distilled issues which spotlighted solutions that I could not find in a decade of therapy. Her book, The Power of Mercury, changed the dynamics of my closest relationships. Working with Leslie is the fastest route to living your best life.”

Jeanne Marie K.
Asset Manager & Super Piscean


“Leslie has had a profound effect upon my life! At 66 years of age, I only wish I could have connected with her 50 years ago!

-Dr. Jerry C., DDS