I was leading a yoga week at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico, when I decided to attend an astrology workshop by one of the spas most popular presenters, Leslie McGuirk of Lucky Stars Astrology. You may not know it, but I’m a very practical person that typically wouldn’t be drawn to this type of class, but after attending not just one, but two of Leslie’s workshops I was a raving fan…

And I’m not the only one, big time publisher Harper Collins signed Leslie to write a book about how to unlock the astrological secrets of communication. She’s an Astrology rock star and will be a featured speaker this May at A Day of Namaste. Leslie has a way of making astrology understandable and applicable to your life. In fact, she works with corporations and couples to unlock the astrological secrets of communication. I knew that yoga and astrology have deep roots together, so I asked Leslie about her perspective on the subject. Here’s what she had to say.


I’ve been studying astrology for over 30 years and practicing yoga for 16 years, and both are about alignment. With yoga, one practices poses that are designed to keep the body in a state of flow and strength. With astrology, it is the study of the movements in the heavens, so that there is a clearer path for a state of success and peace.

With yoga, we practice sun and moon salutations, which connect our bodies to celestial rhythms. Ha means Sun in Sanskrit, and Tha means Moon. So Hatha yoga is all about our connection to the heavens above. Yoga reminds us that we are part of a bigger plan, and astrology helps us to define our role within that plan.

The point of being here on this earth plane is to learn lessons and get our priorities straight. This involves our personal and spiritual priorities (astrology) and also our physical (yoga) ones as well.

Astrology helps us to understand our basic inner wiring system. If we chose to follow the best path indicated in the natal chart, our lives will be easier because we are connecting with our divine reason for being here. Yoga connects us to our physical wiring system, as well as the mental and spiritual. Addictions, work and family pressures, and other hobbies can easily distract us. However, yoga reminds us every time we go to the mat, that we are participating in something greater than the chatter in our minds. And astrology helps us recognize our participation in a divine path and reason for being here.

If you’ve ever been even slightly curious about astrology, don’t miss Leslie or A Day of Namaste on May 21st.

Love + Gratitude,

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