Month: November 2020

Election Day

With anxiety rising because of Election Day, Dr. Pat Hopkins, head of The Greater Boston Functional Medicine Group welcomed me back to their online Town Hall to read the astrological charts of the 4 major candidates. Here are the highlights:  On Trump: “Imagine if we’re on a house tour, Trump’s brain...

Younger Generations Seek Mystical Guidance For Everything—From Health to Fashion

In the not-so-distant past, astrology had no place in the board room. But now that research firm IBISWorld has valued the psychic services industry at $2.2 billion, the zodiac has become a legitimate matter of business—and one the denim industry may want to explore. Read More

If Rocks Could Sing

Awarded one of five finalist. The Children’s Book Council and CBC Foundation have announced 25 finalists in five categories of the first Children’s Choice Book Awards. Read More

Interview with Astrologer and Author Leslie McGuirk

Astrologer and author Leslie McGuirk says astrology is not about daily horoscopes or predicting the future. “Unfortunately, most people think of astrology as the horoscopes in newspapers and magazines,” she says. “Horoscopes are more entertainment than anything else.” Leslie’s children’s books have sold over two million copies worldwide and her popular...

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Luckiest Valentine’s Day

Whether you're meeting someone new, or going on a surprisingly great date, astrologers say there are a few zodiac signs who will end up having the luckiest Valentine's Day this year. If amazing things seem to happening, it's because these signs have been putting themselves out there, Leslie McGuirk, an...