How To Get Through Mercury In Retrograde, According To Astrologers

It’s time once again for the celestial occurrence that can scare the most ardent astrology followers: Mercury in retrograde. And the dread is doubled this time around since this is the first retrograde of the year and the decade. Read More

Charting The Course For Your Life

Without even realizing it, life sometimes becomes routine and with all the distractions, our creativity gets lost. When Leslie McGuirk was 19, she had a reading from an astrologer that changed and saved her life. Today, Leslie is an artist, author, and astrologer. “Astrology is not really what most people...

An interview with Laura Steward

What is it about the stars and planets that draws us in? Why is it that Mercury going retrograde plays such havoc on communications, technology and more? Why should we care where Mercury is in our astrology chart? For that matter why should we care about astrology? I believe in...

The Power of Mercury

In The Power of Mercury, acclaimed astrologer Leslie McGuirk casts new light on Mercury retrograde—treating it as an opportunity to slow down in a tech-crazed world, from approaching agreements with caution to communicating with intention Read More

Here’s What Runners Should Do During Mercury Retrograde

In McGuirk’s book, The Power of Mercury, she dives into what the phenomenon is and how it affects individuals based on their birthdays. Some 20 percent of the population were born during a Mercury retrograde, which means they actually function normally during these periods, but they may have a tough...