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About Leslie McGuirk

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed author, astrologer, artist, product creator, speaker, and advisor to numerous global thought leaders and renowned interdisciplinary medical professionals. 

Studying the system of astrological imprinting for more than 30 years, Leslie’s level of accuracy is undeniable, and her precise and comprehensive guidance is both transformative and instructive. Her book, THE POWER OF MERCURY (Harper Collins 2016) explains how she sees humans as having an owner’s manual or pattern – a distinctive design that can be seen.
Her work in astrology and her artistic gift for identifying patterns has been recognized by several well-known western-trained doctors as a critical element to healing and catapulted Leslie into becoming one of the most highly sought-after experts in astrology. 
Leslie’s background as a successful artist, product creator, and well-known designer in Japan for Takashimaya, also gives her an unusual way of understanding the connection between creativity and healing. Initially reluctant to make astrology a focal point of her work, Leslie continued to study astrology while writing best-selling children’s books and creating products for her design company. However, after 30 years of studying astrology, and giving occasional readings to only close friends, Leslie realized that her ability to explain why human being is the way they are, provided critical insight into how to improve an individual’s given system.  She also recognized that as a highly successful author and product creator, she uniquely understood the challenges of being a successful artist and professional in the world. Eventually, she could not deny that this vantage point gave her a rare platform as an astrologer able to make an impact and that her inherent approach also offered a unique ecosystem for her clients to draw from. Her astrology work today is devoted to working with select clients through her compassionate and precise approach to astrology. Her method allows them to gain a new understanding of their life experiences, therefore creating real opportunities to make the changes required for them to maximize their potential for impact.
She is devoted to serving the needs of individuals and businesses, and to working with the exceptional members of the medical community she collaborates with to transform the way that health care is delivered. In her work with companies, Leslie applies her unique set of skills and a fresh perspective, to working with teams. By applying her insight into the patterns and individual aspects inherent to each member, she brings the context and methodology that brings teams into alignment and ultimately allows them to elevate their ability to work together through a new lens, that greatly impacts their team dynamics. These programs have created powerful interactive experiences and promote lasting and transformative collaboration.
Leslie has been a frequent guest on numerous media platforms, including COAST TO COAST radio with George Noory, and she has been featured in ELLE, Glamour, People, Runner's World, and Refinery 29, both as an artist and healer.
An author whose children’s books have sold more than 2 million copies, and as an artist and product creator, Leslie was one of the first to promote environmental awareness through the T-shirts she designed for The Marine Biological Laboratory, EARTHWATCH, Rhino Watch, and many other important organizations. She followed this work with her internationally recognized collections created for important brands like Takashimaya, the luxury department store in Japan that reproduced her environmental designs for over 1,500 products - from Apparel to Home, Accessories, and stationery. This line of products became iconic with Japanese youth culture and is still coveted and collected by passionate "The World of Leslie McGuirk" design followers.
She teaches astrology through her own online Wisdom Academy, at Rancho La Puerta wellness retreat and spa, Red Mountain Spa, Campowerment, and many other places. . Leslie also gives talks on creative thinking for companies and brands, including The Jim Henson Company, and The M Financial Group.

About Leslie

Close Up on Rocks V2

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed astrologer who is breaking new ground in the world of mental health as she collaborates with western-trained doctors to put forth a new vision for holistic healing.  Her book, THE POWER OF MERCURY (Harper Collins 2016) explains how she sees humans as having an owner’s manual or pattern, and how we are like everything else in Nature, whether a tree trunk or a snowflake – we have a design that can be seen.  Leslie is uniquely qualified to create this bridge between western medicine and the esoteric science of astrology, as she has been studying the system of astrological imprinting for almost 40 years and her level of accuracy is undeniable.

Leslie has collaborated with Dr. Traci Stein of Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, and Dr. Dennis Goodman, Director of Integrative Medicine at NYU, who understands the link between illness and emotions, as well as Dr. Pat Hopkins, rheumatologist at Tufts University.  Leslie has been recognized by several western-trained doctors because of her unique ability to illuminate the connection between emotional dysfunction and physical ailments. Dr. Pat Hopkins refers to Leslie as a "soul doctor."

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