The Nomadic School of Wonder

Windhorse Relations, owned by Mary Lee Brighton and Marcia Thayne,  have opened their sanctuary for a small select group of Leslie’s clients to experience a magical weekend learning from their wild mustangs and soulful cows in Ivins, Utah. 


Mary Lee & Marcia adopted the Windhorse Mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management. The wild horses were born in herds that roam in Utah, Nevada and California. The horses are from 11 different herds. They spend their winters in Kayenta Korrals in a herd setting with the freedom to interact and relate with other wild horses. The horses are not haltered, restrained or forced to accept human presence and touch. This adventure is intended to connect us to the spiritual nature of the wild horses. (No horse experience is required.)  


“This is an adventure choreographed by wild horses and holy cows. Playfulness is the magic ingredient and your willingness to learn how horses and cows experience nature. You must walk your path with an open heart while reflecting authenticity and strength. Expect nothing, ask no questions, wait for the gifts in the subtitles, as you allow your identity to slip away and become one with spirit.”


Mary Lee Brighton


Windhorse Relations 


Leslie is the  curator for this adventure  and is one of the founding members of the Nomadic School of Wonder. When Leslie first experienced the Windhorse mustangs she described it as one of the most profound awe-inspiring experiences of her life. 


It’s quite indescribable to be in the presence of these magnificent beings. The mustangs teach us about self awareness, unconditional love, acceptance, surrender and patience — along with a whole series of lessons about how to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

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