Leslie’s mediagenic looks and personality, warmth and empathy, make her a highly appealing speaker and a natural for broadcast media.

She has held the stage with Henry Winkler, and been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Canada AM, XETV- San Diego Channel 6, NPR, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory.

As an author, several national newspapers have named her children’s books as top ten books of the year, and many magazines have done stories about her such as Glamour, Self, Esquire, and People.


Mercury In Retrograde: When Is It And What Does Mean For Your Life?

As astrologer Hedy Damari explains to ELLE, "Retrograde refers to when a planet appears to be moving backwards, in its orbital path. It isn't really [moving backwards], it just looks that way."

When Mercury is in retrograde, "things can get a little funky," says astrologer Leslie McGuirk. "But it's usually never anything that serious. It's just the Universe's way to slow us down. If it didn't [happen], it's like always being in fifth gear, full speed ahead. So when Mercury is in retrograde, it's like putting your car into reverse."


Yes, Even Khloé’s Baby Will Be Affected By This Mercury Retrograde

Khloé Kardashian's baby is finally here, arriving amid rumors that her father, Tristan Thompson, may have cheated on her mom. Or, alternately, that her grandmother, Kris Jenner, completely orchestrated Thompson's infidelity scandal for publicity's sake. Welcome to the world, baby girl — your parents' future is uncertain, your aunts are on vacay while you're stuck in Cleveland, and it's still Mercury retrograde. What a tumultuous time to be alive! Luckily, there are a few things that are working in the latest Kardashian infant's favor — from an astrological standpoint, anyway.


31 Survival Tips For This & Every Mercury Retrograde

This article was originally published on September 19, 2016, and we're bringing it to your attention again to make sure you're prepared when Mercury turns retrograde this Saturday, August 12.

Was your flight delayed? Blame Mercury retrograde. Notice some suspicious charges on your credit card? Blame Mercury retrograde. Get into a shouting match with your partner? You can probably guess the pattern — and the culprit — by now.


New Mind, Body, Spirit Books for Fall

As its name suggests, the mind-body-spirit category of books embraces a dizzying array of subjects, and the many Americans who have become unmoored from traditional faiths, but still have a spiritual hunger and curiosity, are often drawn to these titles. Whether they want to look into the future, integrate body and soul, or learn about lost civilizations and religions past, they’ll find plenty of resources at the bookstore, as publishers present new titles for fall and the coming year.


How To Get Through Mercury In Retrograde, According To Astrologers

It’s time once again for the celestial occurrence that can scare the most ardent astrology followers: Mercury in retrograde. And the dread is doubled this time around since this is the first retrograde of the year and the decade.

Leslie Media

Charting The Course For Your Life

Without even realizing it, life sometimes becomes routine and with all the distractions, our creativity gets lost. When Leslie McGuirk was 19, she had a reading from an astrologer that changed and saved her life. Today, Leslie is an artist, author, and astrologer. “Astrology is not really what most people think- it is not just a daily horoscope and I am not foretelling the future”, says Leslie. “What I do is look at the wiring of a particular person and help people get on their proper path.”


Mercury in Retrograde on Coast to Coast Radio

Leslie McGuirk discussed the astrological phenomenon called Mercury retrograde, which is in effect this month. Mercury rules communication, and during retrograde periods (which happens around three times a year), the planet appears to move in a reverse direction to Earth. While some astrologers warn of communication breakdowns and advise people not to travel or sign contracts during these times, McGuirk believes they represent opportunities for people to learn and grow in different ways, and that they should not be immobilized or overly fearful.


Here’s What Runners Should Do During Mercury Retrograde

In McGuirk’s book, The Power of Mercury, she dives into what the phenomenon is and how it affects individuals based on their birthdays. Some 20 percent of the population were born during a Mercury retrograde, which means they actually function normally during these periods, but they may have a tough time communicating with others who are feeling its effects.


How Your Sign Survives Mercury Retrograde

According Leslie McGuirk, astrologer and author of The Power Of Mercury, every sign copes with Mercury retrograde differently — and, we promise, all 12 of them stand a chance at survival.