Natal Readings

Leslie McGuirk, author of THE POWER OF MERCURY (Harper Collins) is an internationally known astrologer with over 35 years of experience.

Astrology Natal Chart Readings

An astrology natal chart reading is one of the most useful tools for increasing self-awareness and understanding the patterns at work within your life.

Book a Natal Chart Reading With Leslie

Book a Natal Chart Reading With Leslie

Leslie's popularity as an astrologer has grown so much, that she is now offering new options for 2020 to reflect the needs of her clients.  Most people, after having their initial session, would like to have more one-on-one coaching. Below are the new offerings starting January 2020.

Please remember that Leslie takes this work very seriously. She understands that she is in service to something bigger than herself, and needs to protect the integrity of her role as a healer.

Prefer to connect directly? Email us at [email protected]

About Your Session

All sessions are recorded on a free conference line. It is very important that you download the recording onto your computer as soon as you get it (usually within 24 hours of the reading). Leslie will save the sessions for a few weeks, but then they have to be deleted.  Your job is to make sure you save your recording in a secure location on your computer.

Please Note

Leslie does not diagnose, prescribe for, attempt or claim to cure any disease.

The recording of an astrological reading is the property of the subject of the reading rather than the sponsor. and will be shared with them alone, unless permission to share it with another is expressly given by the subject.

In addition, an Astrological reading for anyone under the age of 18, and the privacy of its recording, must be agreed to in writing by their parent or guardian.

                  Terms & Conditions

1. Payment is due before a private astrology or coaching session, and before the start of any online class.
2. In the event of a cancellation of an appointment or class by Leslie the client will receive a full refund, or a credit towards a future session or class.
3. In the event of cancellation by the client, within 24 hours of an appointment for a natal chart reading, no refund is due. This includes not turning up for the scheduled appointment for any reason.
5. In the event of cancellation by the client up to 24 hours prior to an appointment for a natal chart reading, a full refund is payable to the client, less a $50 administration fee.
6. In the event of cancellation by a student up to 48 hours before the commencement of a Wisdom Academy course, a full refund is payable, less a $50 administration fee. After 48 hours prior to commencement, no refund is due, but the student will have full access to any recordings and course materials that are available to the class.
7. The recording of a natal chart reading is the property of the participant, not the person who paid for it, and will be shared only with them, unless written consent is given to Leslie by the participant.
8. Minors under the age of 18 years need to be accompanied by an adult during natal chart readings.
9. Leslie is not a medical practitioner and does not diagnose or offer to heal medical conditions of any kind. Astrology is an esoteric science and Leslie works within the boundaries of that understanding.
10. Leslie works within the United States East Coast Time zone and does all she can to point this out to clients in order to avoid confusion. If there is doubt about the time of appointments or classes the client should check with Leslie or her office.
11. Students are required to agree not to compete with Leslie as professional Astrologers until at least two years following attendance of any of her classes.
12. Students are required not to share, sell, or in any other way distribute materials acquired on her courses, which remain her intellectual property.
13. Reading astrological charts carries responsibilities and students are required to understand the importance of doing no harm when using any knowledge or skills acquired during Leslie’s classes.

Thank you so much Leslie. It seems such an understatement but what all can I say? That was amazingly powerful for me. That was the greatest gift I could have received, but you went beyond that! I feel a thousand times lighter. Every thought, every knowing I've ever had is true. And I am going to trust it from now on.


I have always been interested in astrology but I didn't become a true believer until I met Leslie. Before speaking with her I had already had some astrological readings but Leslie was able to interpret my chart in a way that left me speechless. This is something I think everybody should do in their life and with Leslie, you'll be getting the absolute best.


I had my chart read several times before, but I never had a truly remarkable experience. Leslie immediately reached a depth that was far beyond anything I could imagine and lifted me with disarming peace and delight. Like Leslie herself, this work changed my health, my confidence in myself and my ability to feel "unstuck" in my life and move ahead massively in my work. Leslie's gift is beyond astrology. She is revolutionary.

Leah K.

When I contacted Leslie, each time, I wanted information that I couldn't access, that you have access to. It's not like Googling and having to decide which blogger or article or theory is right. Over three visits (four including Pete) I realize with hindsight that you were more accurate three years ago than I understood even then. You're actually, in our cases 100% accurate. you keep saying 95% accurate, but that’s because the other 5% you can't see or measure yet. It's unknown or misdiagnosed through perceptions, the client's perceptions. What I am trying to say is that you have a channel to Truth. Period. You get there faster than I can, and other times, I just need some reassurance. And when I contact you, I respect your authority. So, I truly listen to things you say openly and accept them all as good, even the hard lessons. I know you're careful to frame things so that they can be taken positively.


I have to tell you that I cry every time I listen to what you told Keith when he was lost.You said that Keith wasn’t a talker but he was a wounded healer & may be good as a surgeon.  Guess what!!!  He’s chief resident in surgery with fellowship next year at a top hospital in the country.I’m forever grateful

Liz M

So many aspects of her reading for me have come to fruition. She’s a great teacher! She’s extremely gifted and delivers the reading with such thoughtful, concise insights. She makes an eloquent counselor and I’m grateful to have learned from her. I’ve referred many friends to her and hope to hear her very often on Coast 2 Coast. I knew she has worked with doctors and can see how her special intuition can serve to help others. I’m a true fan!