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About Leslie

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally acclaimed astrologer who is breaking new ground in the world of mental health as she collaborates with western-trained doctors to put forth a new vision for holistic healing.  Her book, THE POWER OF MERCURY (Harper Collins 2016) explains how she sees humans as having an owner’s manual or pattern, and how we are like everything else in Nature, whether a tree trunk or a snowflake – we have a design that can be seen.  Leslie is uniquely qualified to create this bridge between western medicine and the esoteric science of astrology, as she has been studying the system of astrological imprinting for almost 40 years and her level of accuracy is undeniable.

Leslie has collaborated with Dr. Traci Stein of Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, and Dr. Dennis Goodman, Director of Integrative Medicine at NYU, who understands the link between illness and emotions, as well as Dr. Pat Hopkins, rheumatologist at Tufts University.  Leslie has been recognized by several western-trained doctors because of her unique ability to illuminate the connection between emotional dysfunction and physical ailments. Dr. Pat Hopkins refers to Leslie as a "soul doctor."

Her background as an artist, writer, and well-known designer in Japan for Takashimaya, gives her an unusual way of explaining why a human being is the way that they are, and how to improve that given system.  In the corporate world, she sees into the individuals that make up the whole group and brings astrology to life with an interactive experience to promote a healthy team. David Adler, CEO of Biz Bash calls Leslie, "A Collaboration Athlete" and "The Queen of Ice Breakers."

She has been featured on COAST TO COAST radio with George Noory.  Also on The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Canada AM, and in ELLE, GLAMOUR, PEOPLE, RUNNER’S WORLD, REFINERY 29, etc.

Leslie teaches astrology at Rancho La Puerta spa, Red Mountain Spa, Campowerment, and at international astrology conferences.  She gives talks on creative thinking in the corporate world for clients including Wachovia Bank, Wilmington Trust, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, The Jim Henson Company, and The M Financial Group.

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Creativity is more important than ever as our world has become super “hyper”, and a lot of us live in a kind of “numb zone” in which routine, logic and practicality is king.

In making the case for creativity, Leslie draws on her diverse background as a writer/illustrator, astrologer and workshop facilitator. Though all different on the surface, her unique way of discussing creative thought in clear terms relies on her ability to garner the trust of others.