The Chemistry
of Connection

Leslie McGuirk, created THE CHEMISTRY OF CONNECTION workshops for corporations to best unite their teams.

Using The Chemistry of Connection methods, leaders will gain a new set of tools to establish authentic connections quickly. Leading people based on how they communicate and feel valued, will improve employee engagement, increase productivity and transform team dynamics overnight. Leslie's methods have been called "Myers Briggs on Steroids", as she weaves together personality and communication styles based on theories developed by Carl Jung. She works with western-trained doctors at NYU, Tufts University, and Columbia University to improve medical outcomes by tailoring treatment based on patient's "wiring systems."


McGuirk's company, THE WISDOM ACADEMY, combines hard and ancient esoteric sciences to jump-start both individuals and groups, to realize their full potential.

Participants in her workshops will learn how their elemental style informs how they think, communicate and how they are perceived by others.

 They will receive:

  1. Insights into how to communicate with people who are very different from them
  2. Lessons on how to match employee skills with projects and tasks where they will excel
  3. Realizations into how to increase team effectiveness
  4. Strategies to reduce attrition by increasing employee motivation and career fulfillment
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As a speaker, Leslie addresses all aspects of how humans are designed and how best to operate within each of our given systems. She believes everything in nature has a pattern, including a human, and once this is understood personal and group interactions become more effective and rewarding.

David Adler, CEO of Biz Bash calls Leslie "A Collaboration Athlete" as she connects groups quickly and deeply for a more profound working environment.

Tammi Leader Fuller, Founder of Campowerment, 
"What Leslie does isn't being done by anyone else on the planet."

Find out why people say, “That’s the magic!” and “Holy Toledo!” after taking one of her classes.

"Leslie can change everything you think you know about yourself in a life-altering and fast way."

Leslie McGuirk has sold over 2 million books around the world, did a Hollywood CA TEDx talk on "The Importance of Being Wrong", and has been breaking attendance records at many locations where she teaches, including Rancho La Puerta, Red Mountain Spa, Paul Gaughin Cruise Lines, and Campowerment.

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